Many roads lead to success, _many times the favorite one is_the one, not everybody is taking.

Lauterbach Management Consulting is supporting leaders, enterprises, investors and organizations, in complex and dynamic markets. From strategy development to operational implementation.

On the basis of a holistic enterprise view, we are elaborating sustainable and effective concepts and guarantee committed and forceful implementation of your project.

I offer a complete approach that takes into account my clients wishes supported by analysis and total support of business concepts from conception to implementation.

  Aircraft parts instead of tennis rackets Support the market entry of high-tech carbon fibre lightweight components in the context of the diversification strategy of a sporting goods manufacturer. Creation of an additional division with new revenue streams. >>> More net from gross Increased efficiency and cost savings at the family office for property management with a portfolio of more than 150 objects in different asset classes. Completed based on strategy development, restructuring including relocation and process optimization. >>> Success in a challenging market environment
Increase and secure market presence of an international manufacturer of publication papers on the German market with the focus on introducing service- and value-added sales approaches and stabilization of market price. >>>
Strategies for the School of the Future
Expansion of an International School and simultaneously safeguarding the financial stability against the background of increasing competition and limited space at the site. >>>